Life of David Review

David was indeed a great leader.  God affirmed this truth as did many biblical writers.  How can we mine the precious principles from his life?  If you are interested in going deeper, consider a few of these questions:

What birth order insights can we glean from David being the 8th son of Jesse?

Since David is set in stark contrast to Saul, what can we learn from his opposite?

What can be learned from David’s ancestry, an Ephrathite of Bethlehem?

What is it about the heart that is more revealing of the essence of a person than outward appearance?

How was David shaped during his years of serving as a shepherd?

What are the implications of David uniquely having the anointing of the Holy Spirit?

By contrast, what are some implications of a leader no longer empowered by the Holy Spirit?

How did David’s years of service as an armor bearer prepare him to lead and be king?

How did David’s artistic talent influence his life and leading?

How did David’s relationship with his brothers influence his formation?

How significant is past experience of courage and seeing God provide to ongoing leadership?

When faced with challenges, what resources are most valuable?

How does a leader gain such confidence that God will absolutely come through?

What can we learn from the way David mingled among people?

Which of the blogs on the life of David served you the best?  What fresh idea did you have that resulted in some change of thinking or behavior?  I’d especially love to hear from you if you were led to make some adjustment from reflecting on David, A Reflective Leader.

David was great because he was humble.

David was great because of the people he attracted.

David was great because he was focused on God’s glory.

David was great when he inquired of the Lord.





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