Developing Like Jesus Summary

A study of the life of Jesus from the perspective of how He developed His disciples is highly valuable for every leader. In three short years, He developed 11 men and influenced dozens more who in turn developed people who developed other people in every nation on earth.  The movement of leader development goes on.

How do we identify a person with a developmental bias who will be a great people developer?

What signs would indicate such a bent and priority? A person with a developmental bias/bent will embody many of the following traits.  Use this list as an assessment for your inclination toward and practice of developing leaders.

 Be a Learner Yourself:

  1. Is an active and self-motivated learner, pursuing development in all relevant areas
  2. Regularly seeks out learning from resource people
  3. Shares what you are learning in a humble way that invites and encourages others to learn
  4. Does not allow yourself to plateau or stagnate
  5. Considers how to upgrade your formal and non-formal education through various means
  6. Is an aggressive reader (even if your preferred learning style is not visual)
  7. Enjoys internet searches and basic research on topics critical to your ministry
  8. Protects time for your own self-development
  9. Is self-aware of your strengths and deficiencies so to strategically focus growth

Be a People Developer:

  1. Grows in ability to listen and ask good developmental questions
  2. Is known as a go-to resource for information and wisdom
  3. Does not assume that “one size fits all” when nurturing the development of others
  4. Enjoys being with people and can relate broadly to temperaments and personalities
  5. Consistently develops/trains/equips others
  6. Demonstrates the ability to raise up laborers and leaders
  7. Loves to teach and pass on helpful truth in a variety of ways
  8. Is patient with people and encourages even small signs of growth
  9. Prays faithfully for the Holy Spirit to bring transformation to self and others

Developing leaders is essential to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It is humbling to think that God would use the likes of us to carry out His grand plan of filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. (Habakkuk 2:14) May we be the kind of instruments both fit for His use and passionately engaged in the advance of the Gospel.  May we lead like Jesus with a developmental bias!

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